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Vuon Xoai is real breath of fresh air

posted Jul 9, 2012, 11:55 PM by An Bui
A group of six of us decided we had had enough of the city and fancied a little break and decided to venture to Vuon Xoai Resort.

The usual suspects of Nha Trang, Dalat and Mui Ne were discussed but we didn’t fancy the long trek in the car and the last-minute extortionate air fares was also a no-no. One of the gang had said she had visited Vuon Xoai before and it was a lush, green area and was worth a try.

We thought why not and her recommendation was spot on. It took us about 90 minutes by taxi from the city and after a few horrendous days of thundering rain in Saigon, we were blessed with beautiful sunshine for the whole day.

We arrived and met up with a friend from Bien Hoa City who had also booked us into a local hotel for the night.

The resort itself was perfect for Saigonese ladies who indulged in their favorite pastime of taking numerous photos which no doubt ended up on their Facebook accounts by nightfall.

It was a great spot for the snap-happy galls with the beautiful trees, green grass, bridges and water.

When you are stuck in the city for a long time without any respite you forget how beautiful this country is. Little moments like this only remind you that this is a nation to be explored.

We did a spot of go-karting, had some lunch and took ten million photos. Did I say Vietnamese girls like taking photos? Troi oi (My God).

It was so hot that the outdoor swimming pool was getting more appealing as the day wore on and we succumbed. It was glorious.

There was time for a last little stroll around, yes more pics, and we were so exhausted and due to the high heels being sported by some of our group, the little golf car back to the entrance was the only option.

By Derek Milroy in Dong Nai
Source Saigon TImes