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Apocalypse Now, Ho Chi Minh City

posted Jul 10, 2012, 8:36 PM by An Bui   [ updated Jul 10, 2012, 8:36 PM ]
First of all, they don't allow pictures inside, I managed to get 2 stolen shots inside before being reminded not to shoot pictures again by the burly security guards.

This is the number one bar cum lounge for foreigners and locals and you would know since there will be a long taxi line in the street going to the Apocalypse Now. They only have a cover charge of 150,000 VND on Saturday Nights with a free beer but the rest of the week, there is no cover charge.

8:00pm until 12:00-2:00am 7 days a week

They have an extensive menu that offers both vietnamese and western foods and bar chor and an assortment of local and international beers and the average cost of a local brewed beer like saigon beer at 65,000 VND or San Miguel Beer at 72,000 VND and cocktails like the tequila sunrise starts at 90,000 VND. There are many gorgeous local vietnamese girls inside and many foreigners all dancing away at the small dance floor inside while the others just play pool at the pool table or eat the the dining area separated only by a souvenir stall from the main dance floor. Some of the girls were escort service according to the waiters. The music is a combination of House, Trance, Lounge, hip Hop, RNB, Rock and more.

Dress Code: smart casual, they don't allow entry for people wearing tank tops, flip flops, shorts, cargo shorts, ripped shirts.

Updated Jun 12, 2012
Address: 2D Thi Sach, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: +84 8 825 6124

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